Sunday, January 29, 2012

Family Goals

Each year, we set goals as a family and individually. This year, we chose 3 to work on.

Our first goal is to memorize a scripture each month. I was trying to think of where I could post the scripture and I came up with this idea. . .


Each month, I will print out the scripture and put it in the frame. It's in a great location in our living room where everyone passes through or hangs out. We also repeat it after scripture study.

Today in church, CJ told me that someone quoted our monthly scripture and recited it incorrectly. She knew it because she had already memorized it!

Our next goal is to visit a museum each month. This year is the "Year of the Museums". If you are a member of the local library here, you can go online and print off free or discounted passes to museums in the bay area. There are of course, only certain days in which the discounted or free passes work, but there are so many to choose from, that we will be able to find something.

Also, many of the museums, have a free day like the first Wednesday of each month. I'll be on the lookout for deals like these because it can get pretty pricey when you take your whole family to the museum!

Our last goal we set is to "Think of Others". The kids are quarreling more these days and we thought that by setting this goal, it will help lesson the tension and hopefully strengthen our relationships. It will also be good for Ben and I to focus on this. There are many times during the day, where I just want to complete something for me and many times I push aside the child who is pleading with me to stop and play with them, because I just want to get what I am working on finished.

I've also been thinking about the love languages. While I was visiting teaching, the books on love languages was brought up. To me, it makes perfect sense that there are different ways in which people communicate their love. Some show it through actions, words, touches, and even gift giving.

And since we each communicate in a different way it is important to know how your loved ones communicate. I want to show my family that I love them in the way that they understand. I also want to be able to communicate better with them and learn to understand them better when they come to me with their frustrations.

I love setting goals and I hope that my children will too and that it will become a habit in their life. I hope that they will see the benefits that come from setting goals and be proud when they accomplish them. And most importantly, that goal setting is a positive way to make ourselves better.


Tyler and Lisa said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these goals...exciting year!

Andy Porter said...

What a great thing to do as a family!