Friday, April 4, 2008

It's the Little Things


Since staying at home and just being a Mom, I find myself looking for little projects to do in my little free moments throughout the day. This past week I started a preschool for Mia. I used to just teach Mia at home and do some fun things with her. Lately, I've really wanted some more social interaction for her and thought doing a preschool would be a great idea. I have a hard time accepting some of the "preschools" that are around. I find most of them are like a daycare and playtime and I can provide those things for her without spending money to do it. While the "preschools" may lack academic substance, they definitely have the social interaction on their side.

So I have 5 little people that I teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12. I get so excited planning fun activities and teaching. Mia is having fun too even though she is the only girl. I have to say, she is the best student in my class. Of course, I don't show favoritism. What kind of teacher do you think I am? You can click on the link to the preschool on the right side bar and check out what we are doing.

This little thing inside me makes me so tired these days. I have to take a nap when Xander goes down just so I can make it through the day. I haven't thrown up yet and I don't think it is going to happen either. I almost don't feel nausea either. This baby just maybe perfect! As for the rest of my body, I sure feel pregnant. Some women are blessed with little strawberries or maybe little oranges, I unfortunately have grapefruits and when I am pregnant they become cantaloupes. (Sorry male species if you had to read that, it's just the truth!)

My kids are little blessings. Xander can now successfully open the front door and takes off any chance he can get. We don't have doorknobs but rather a handle that you pull down on. The front door locks, but when you open it on the inside it just automatically opens. CJ has lost both of her two front teeth and I love listening and watching her talk. It is so cute. Mia is writing letters all the time and I taught her her first sight word, "the". She pronounces it "duh" but all the same, she is excited to read a word.


TheOrderofthePorters said...

Val!! I love your preschool. I wish Addie could attend. You sound like such an awesome fun teacher to have. That's great that you've made a preschool blog too. Sorry you are feeling so tired all the time. Hopefully that will get a little easier soon. So, does Ben like cantaloupe?

Ben Porter said...

Fruit Salad! Yummy Yummy!
I do like cantaloupe, but I love all fruit so that's nothing special. Wait. We are talking about actual fruit right?

Valerie said...

Ben loves cantaloupe and doesn't even mind watermelon. Good thing because I think I may be setting a record this time.

Abby Marie said...

gross I want to throw up.

Valerie said...

Me too! Watermelons are giant! Ew!

Sarah said...

I'm jealous of cantaloupe. I want to enroll my kids in your preschool!

nicole said...

Awe, this makes me miss you guys even more because I know E would love to be a part of your little preschool and I'd love to help.

Miss you guys!

- Nikki