Sunday, April 27, 2008

Too old to be young, Too young to be old!


This week, I've had motivation to get out and do things. One thing I've been wanting to do is play basketball. I haven't quite figured out how to do this with kids, so it has actually been 2 or 3 years since I have played the sport I love. I scheduled the gym at the church, left the kids at home with Ben and sent out an email to the "young" (couples we call who are in their early 20's)people, and then to some others who I thought would be interested.

Let me just tell you, everyone who came had a blast! There was me,myself, and I. There are really only a handful "young" people ward and Friday is probably a date night for them. Most of the ward(church members) are older than us and I bet they just don't play basketball. I even thought of joining a team at the recreation center, but they play on Sundays. I thought to myself, "This is why people choose to run for exercise. You don't need a team." Unfortunately for me, all of the sports I like to play are team sports. I tried a couple months ago to get people to play ultimate frisbee and could only get 6. Maybe I should try recruiting at a single's ward.

Here's what's going on with the family:

Ben was just called as the ward mission leader and will be released from his all time favorite calling, Gospel Doctrine teacher. His calling includes lots,and lots of meetings. I'm sure he will do great!

CJ is getting ready to take the "Star" test (end of the year test) this week and went to a workshop on Saturday to help prepare her. She told us she was nervous about it, but we reassured her that she will do great. Ben said it's really a test for the teachers.

Mia has been waking up in the middle of the night by herself and has been dry on a couple occasions. This is a great success for her and we sure let her know that it is.

Xander finally has enough hair that I can spike up with gel. He looked so handsome in his tie and vest today, decorated with a stuffed animal monkey around his neck and topped off with a beaded neck less around his neck. His favorite thing to eat is cereal with milk and bends his arms and shakes them with excitement when you give it to him. He always request "A bowl" to eat his food in.


Sarah said...

Scott says "Good Luck, Ben" speaking from one Ward Mission Leader to (now) another. Val--I love all your pics!!

Valerie said...

Thanks Sarah!

The Stampers said...

Great Update Val!

TheOrderofthePorters said...

Our stake seems to get a good turn out for volleyball. They open the gym every friday night and a bunch of couples come out to play and the kids just kind of run around on the stage.
Ben, you'll have to teach me how to make being a sunday school teacher my favorite all time calling. I'm struggling with it!