Sunday, August 10, 2008

All Cozy Wozy!

We are all cozy wozy in our new place and have put together a slide show of our new place with all of our things in it for those of you who are interested.

Click Here to see a slideshow of the inside of our new place

For those of you who aren't interested and because I have nothing to write about, I leave you with a message from a commerical here in California. This is real.

"Help conserve water. Men, shave less often. Women, help conserve water by not washing your hair." I'm waiting for a message like, "Don't eat meat, because it hurts the animal's feeling and don't eat vegetables because that's the animals food and it will also hurt their feelings."

Californians are weird.


hanndallfam said...

Your place looks so cute! It seems like you have TONS more room than your old place. How fun! It's good to see that you have some reading material in the "toilet room", though we tend to only have magazines and stuff. It would take some serious time in there to get through those novels you have on the shelf. :)

TheOrderofthePorters said...

How fun! You got your house put together pretty darn fast. I'm impressed. It looks great. I love that ad about the washing the hair thing. I just want one that says don't do your laundry or clean the toilets. I think that's where all our water is being wasted.