Sunday, August 3, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

We finally are moved in officially! You know a place is big enough when you can't find someone in your house or when you yell and they can't hear you. I love that Ben and I have our own room, and I can hide in it whenever I want. The kids love yelling and hearing their voices echo because of our tall ceilings. Running is also a favorite pasttime for the kids. Ben said to Mia, "No running in the house." She replied, "I'm not running, I'm hip hoppin!" Ben loves having the toilet separate from the shower so while others maybe showering, he can still read in his favorite room. We even had our bikes stolen, to welcome us to the neighborhood.
4/7 th's of Ben's family came to visit us shortly after we moved in. We had a hard time recognizing some of them. It was a coinincidence that Ben and Caleb had the same haircut. Here is a poem of our time together:

Ode to Ben’s Family

To Jim, Kathy, Abby, and Caleb
Thank you for coming to visit ub
We ate icecream, I stuffed your tummies,
We ate A LOT, it was yummy!

You helped us refinish our spotty table,
I watched you do the work, though I was able.
You spoiled my kids, Ben and I too,
You did my dishes and still weren’t through.

San Francisco was a busy day,
We crammed in the van and were on our way.
Playing at the Exploratorium was great fun,
After the beach, park, and carousel. . .we weren’t done.

The Pixar tour and the picnic, “Hey, free food!”
San Gregorio beach, “Surfs up dude!”
I misplaced my camera, oh dear!
I have no proof that Abby was here.

After you left, and said, “Good bye”
CJ got real sad and started to cry!
Thanks for coming to visit us
Even though there’s no Betsy or Russ!

You made us feel special,
Ben’s family-rocks.
You made us feel loved,
I hope I keep finding, Caleb’s socks!

Ghirardelli Square
Golden Gate Park
Our beautiful refinished table


Joe said...

I so hope that Ben's hair is fake!
When mine was long at least it was cool looking. Sorry we didn't come, we wanted to.

Sarah said...

This makes me miss you so.
Wish we could be there
To see if that's Ben's real hair.
We're sorry we couldn't come
It sounds like so much fun
Please don't ever forget us
We're really more fun than Betsy & Russ

Adrienne said...

So much fun! I love mia's hop hopping comment and the poem was great! Glad you guys got moved in ok!

Abby Marie said...

It was so fun to be there with you guys! Too bad you don't have any pictures of me though :). Love you all!

hanndallfam said...

How fun! We're so bummed we couldn't see you's been WAY too long! Post some more pics of your new place! I'm excited to see it all put together.

TheOrderofthePorters said...

Val, thank you so much for the b-day cards for the girls and also for the cute jammies for Mira. They are so cute. It's the perfect time because we are growing out of all her clothes and it's really nice to have something that is new and hasn't been thru three other girls. I love the piggies. You are a sweetheart. Thanks for being so considerate. I love you!!

TheOrderofthePorters said...

Your purple stripes are way cute. We didn't change ours. Maybe it just didn't load on your computer. I love what you do with your blog all your collages are so cute.