Saturday, August 23, 2008

Xander's Second, and the 6 (million) Bees


Xander just celebrated his second birthday. He got a bike and a mini soccer ball. But his favorite present was his Black and Decker tool belt set, complete with a drill, hammer 2 pliers, 2 screwdrivers, a level, calipers, screws, nails, 2 saws, hard hat, measuring tape, and more!!!! He loves to help me (Ben) fix things around the house and usually sits down next to me with one of my screwdrivers and bangs things. Now he has his own set and he wants me to sit by him while HE fixes things.

(Notice the cute, ugly couch he's sitting on? Val is making a new slip cover for it - watch for an update with the newly cute, cute couch)

On another note, I noticed a swarm of bees flying high over our heads as we walked past the side of the house. I saw that they were crawling under the siding of the house near the girl's bedroom window. I decided that I wouldn't worry about them because A) outside, they were like 20 feet above our heads and didn't bother us. and 2) You couldn't see them from the girls window (which is never open anyway). I also didn't want to freak out any of the girls in my house. Things changed last week when I found 2 bees in the kitchen. I told Val that there was probably a bee hive in the wall outside the girl's window, and she called the landlord and asked him to spray.
A couple of days later he came and sprayed. It must have upset the bees, because CJ got stung that same day while taking out the trash. Friday morning (Xander's birthday), Val and the kids went outside to watch Xander play with his new bike. Mia wanted to ride her bike so she took off toward the back yard. Suddenly - a blood curdling scream!!! I heard it from the house and thought that it sounded full of actual fear (as opposed to Mia's everyday frustration filled or fun filled blood curdling screams). Then she screamed again. Soon, I heard Val start talking to her so I figured it wasn't an emergency or anything. It turns out thousands of dying bees had dropped to the ground and were wriggling and writhing on the ground!
It looked like the ground was moving! Poor Mia was terrified.
And with good reason!


hanndallfam said...

Cute, Xander! Happy Birthday to him! Sorry I am so bad with birthdays. You guys have been so good to catch all of ours this year- thanks! I will try to improve for next year.
Atleast those bees are outside. In our first apartment after we got married, there was a beehive in the wall and our landlord tried to suck them out with a shopvac and then plugged the hole that was their door. Well, there were still tons of bees in the wall and, let's just say, they found other ways out of the wall....into the apartment! We had those half dead bees all over the ground in our kitchen and living room. You should have heard my blood curtling screams. :) You guys are coming out for Christmas, right? I miss you!

Sarah said...

That is the most freakiest thing I have ever seen. I hope Mia is not haunted at night by that memory!

TheOrderofthePorters said...

You bee murderers. Haven't you heard about the honey bee shortage? I honestly can't believe that you didn't try harder to co-habitate.

TheOrderofthePorters said...
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Abby Marie said...

Ben, don't you know you're not supposed to make a list unless you at least include 3) or C). Not to mention you crossed your numbers and letters.

Abby Marie said...

Oh and I am never sure how to wish my young nieces and nephews a happy birthday. Like they really understand right? Xander won't talk to me anyway. But I thought about him at least. Next year he'll be old enough for me to call him.

TheOrderofthePorters said...

OOoooh gross! I'm going to have bee nightmares. That is so gross. How did CJ handle the whole being stung thing?

dan said...

Happy Birthday Xander! What a cute little guy. That bee story is pretty crazy. I'm glad Mia and everyone was all right. Did you have to get rid of them, or did the landlord take care of that?

Zaehringers said...

Reading this sent shivers up my spine, not the good shivers! I have a huge fear of bees and wasps. There is no need for co-habitation, I can live without honey. As far as pollination goes, aren't there several others insects that do the job as well, butterflies, moths, flies...I can love with those insects. (I have no intention to offend anyone with this comment).

Happy Birthday to Xander. He is such a cute boy.

Valerie said...

CJ was a trooper when she got stung. I was going to sweep them up, but opted to wait until they were completely dead. It's pretty freaky sweeping almost-dead bees.

Betsy said...

I can't even look at that picture--yuck!