Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting the Perfect Family Picture

With Christmas (yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking. . .Halloween isn't even here yet) just around the corner, I thought we should get a head start and get a family picture. It's been almost a year since the last one we took and Xander didn't even have hair.

I have to admit, I am tripod challenged. There are too many levers and notches to play with. I really am too impatient to take the time to learn. I would just rather hold the camera to take the picture, which of course is hard when you are supposed to be in it.

The other challenge is the kids. Our kids, especially Xander found it much more entertaining to find sticks to have sword fights with or a rock to climb. And then, what do you do when you are so funny and your husband can't stop laughing (see example below)?


This next one is my favorite of all the faces, but it was so overexposed and I didn't use the right setting. It's a bummer because we didn't get many in this pose and I really like the background.


This next one also has a great background of colors. I had just taken Xander's stick sword out of his hands and promised I would give it back. He is eyeing his stick and making sure I keep my promise.


It was so tough to get everyone dressed and out to take pictures. I don't know if I am completely satisfied with any of the pictures we took today. Do I try again? Or do I say, "Good enough"?


Sarah said...

I'm impressed...I think they look great for just setting up a tripod and saying cheese on your own. You are beautiful (I meant Val, not you Ben, but so is CJ and Mia)

Andy Porter said...

I agree, they are great. I think it's fun when the pictures show so much personality.

Dave, Liz and Jonah said...

I think you did a great job. I don't think you can complain because you did it for free. How much better could that be? I think they are cute keep them and you can always do more later.

Ben Porter said...

Wait. You were actually taking our pictures? i thought you were just trying to torture the kids!?

Kathy said...

I love those pictures. You are all adorable, even you Ben, no matter what your sister says. Love ya

Russell said...

Betsy said to me, "Everybody is getting family pictures" and I had no idea who she was talking about. It was YOU!

Maxmomma said...

Val, you look GREAT in all three! I think the third is my favorite- and I definitely think you are done. They are all beautiful. Way to go with the tripod- that's not easy .