Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Zebra Stripes? You've got to be kidding me!

You know how it's okay to tease and make fun of people only if it somehow applies to you. For example, I can make fun of Asians all I want but if Ben makes fun of them, he looks like he is racist. Well, I am going to take the opportunity today to make fun of teachers.

It's not even Halloween and I spot what I think would be a perfect costume. I had just walked CJ to school when I noticed a teacher walking across the playground dressed from top to bottom in what only can be compared to as zebra stripes. The picture above, sums up the outfit if you just minus the head and behind. It made me think about when I was teaching, I vowed with another colleague of mine that we would NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER wear anything that could be classified as "Teacher Clothes".

What types of clothes can be classified as "Teacher Clothes"? Let's look at a few examples.

The "Teacher" sweater

You've all seen them before. They are the gaudi sweaters filled with letters, numbers, apples, or seasonal things (ghosts, pumpkins, Christmas trees, hearts etc.) What makes them worthy of the "Teacher" title is that you will never see a "Teacher Sweater" with one small apple or one small pumpkin. No, the sweater is filled with 50 million things. The more the merrier.

The traditional "Teacher" skirt

The "Teacher" skirts go down to, at least, their ankles and have the ugliest prints imaginable. Prints that, if you are not careful could hypnotize you, just with the smallest glance.

The "Teacher" shirt and pant set

Sometimes they match, sometimes they don't. If they do match, wearing a vest that doesn't, is always an option.

I may poke fun at what teachers wear, but when it comes down to it, I really like them. I have to admit, I wasn't the best dressed teacher around. Presently, I'm not the best dressed stay at home mom either. . .some days, I don't even shower.


Andy said...

I had to laugh at the teacher clothes. I guess I shouldn't laugh. Someone out there probably has me on their "what not to wear" blog too.

That is one out of control zebra costume. Holy wow!!

Dave, Liz and Jonah said...

I think we that was funny. It is so ture they do wear those kinds of clothes. But, as moms that is a 24 hour job and so there are somedays we are just not able to put it together. I am a mom like that some days too.

Jana & Jim said...

wow, teacher clothes and relief society clothes are awefully