Sunday, January 4, 2009

Snow much fun!

Favorite thing to do in the snow: Eat it! While making the 17 hour journey from California to Utah, the first time Mia spotted snow, she declared, "I want to eat it!" If only snow contained all the vitamins and nutrients humans need in order to live. We would definitely save on food expenses.

Favorite thing to do in the snow: Throw it! Typical boy. Although it may look like a regular snow ball, Xander is holding a dangerous ice snowball. Luckily, for "The Porter Team" (people who were born a Porter), the snow was rained on and turned icy on the day of the snow battle. Their lives were spared. The "Non-Porter Team" (people who were not born a Porter)would have most definitely been triumphant.

Favorite thing to do in the snow: Hit it! CJ loved using whatever she could find to hit the snow. Thankfully, we left the axes, shovels, and splitting maul to the grown-ups to destroy each others forts with since they became ice forts.

Here is our trip in 61 words:


17 hour drive straight through to Utah, hitting our favorite "Utah" stores, CJ and Mia-ears pierced, haircut,High School Musical 3 with Abby and Caleb, Tripoley, more driving, Cabin in Cascade, Idaho, snowmobiles and sledding, making snow forts, 32 people-one cabin, No showers, Charades,more driving, seeing grandparents and family, resting,15 1/2 hour drive back to California, sleep.


Dave and Liz said...

wow you shoved a lot in in so little time. Gald you guys were able to make it out here and have some fun with family. You all deserved it.

Andy Porter said...

I'm so glad you captured Mia's sad face by the snow fort. I thought she looked so cute. It was so fun having you here!!

dan said...

You guys play Tripoly too? That's awesome. If we're ever near each other we should play. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!