Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Skateboards and Ear Piercings


All of the kids have skateboards now thanks to Santa and CJ. Our neighbors have 2 boys and they have all sorts of boy toys including skateboards. I could not keep my kids away from them. CJ saved up her allowance so she could buy a skateboard and of course, the little ones wanted one too. Good thing Santa knows exactly what to buy the kids.


Over the Christmas break, the girls got their ear's pierced and thanks to Mia this time, both girls got them. Mia has been wanting her ear's pierced so bad. She loved to parade around wearing pretend earrings. One day she says to Ben, "I can't wait to have holes in my ears like Mom" as she holds up a pair of my earrings. Ben told her she could get them pierced while she was in Utah and CJ who previously didn't want to get them because it would hurt decided that she too would do it. Let's just hope Xander doesn't want to get his ears pierced too!

On an unrelated note, Ben took the beautiful sunset that is our header when we were stopped at a gas station in Nevada. I am learning how to process my pictures in RAW now and these are my first experiments.


Ben Porter said...

That picture of Xander really has a sense of motion. Good job.

Valerie Porter said...

Thanks Ben. You're a great teacher!

Kathy said...

You guys crack me up. Have you tried speaking to each other in person?
Why is raw so good?

Valerie said...

We find it's easier to communicate this way. We have tried speaking to each other but the conversation just drags on and on. Ben just can't stop talking. This way, it is more straight forward.

RAW is good for alot of reasons. You can do things to a RAW image that you can't do to a JPEG and they are also good for very large developed pictures. They don't look pixally. I'm sure there are more, but these are the main ones for me. I still like just processing them in JPEG. I think it is easier. I may just do both.