Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What Januarys are made of. . .

Tummy aches
Body aches
More fevers
Running noses

and the latest. . .drum roll please.

Pink eye

That's what our January has been made of. How about yours?


Sarah said...

So sorry. Pink eye is my worst nightmare...once one gets it it's hard to keep it from everyone else!

Andy Porter said...

This is why January is my least favorite month...just add dirty snow and gross inversion and that about sums it up! At least we have a birthday and an anniversary to help brighten the month! Thanks for the card. You are so very thoughtful. I hope February is much more pleasant for you guys!!

Dave and Liz said...

ohh yuck pink eye! Let's just knock on wood that we will never have it. I hope things get better around the porter house.

hanndallfam said...

Yuk! So sorry. Isn't California supposed to be a little better in the winter? It sounds like you're getting a bum deal there.

Abby Marie said...

every night :)