Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It amazes me how I can watch my kids, as different as they are, go through some of the same stages as a child.

Take for instance the "Bobble Head" stage. I think it begins when they are babies and continues to toddlerhood. Xander still bobbles when he gets really excited.

Here's Zoey demonstrating this stage.

It gets really hard when you are trying to feed a child during the "bobble head" stage. I bet whoever invented "bobble heads" was watching their child one day bobbling their head nonstop and thought, "Hey, this is entertaining. What if the heads of toys bobbled? I could get rich." The rest is history.

How about the "Paper Cutting" stage? This is my house about 24/7. There is paper everywhere because Xander has learned how to use scissors quite successfully. The tree huggers are going to be barging down my door because of all of the trees we kill daily.

I also noticed in his pants today in both knees, cuts from scissors. I threatened that I would take his beloved scissors away if he ever cut his clothes again. I hope I was scary enough. I remember CJ cutting her hair.

Mia does her fair share of the paper mess. Here's some more of Mia's paper creations.

I think my favorite is watching my kids go through all sorts of the language stages. I love watching them progress. Right now I hear from Xander, "Him, not in my class" "Her, nice to me." or the saying, "I can't know how" that I have heard everyone of my kids say, of course, the ones who can speak.

Zoey doesn't talk yet, but she sure makes sounds just like all of my other ones.

Mia cracks me on her interpretation of things. CJ is in a play about the American Revolution and Mia knows pretty much all of her lines.

Line: What about the Boston Massacre?
Mia: What about the Boston Millers?
Line: They shot and killed three unarmed colonist.
Mia: They shot and killed three unarmed killers.

Kids are so fun to watch. Don't ya think?

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Andy Porter said...

OMGOSH! I can't believe how cute bobble head Zoey is. Seriously, put that child in some water. Cute Cute CUTE!! I want to pick her up and snuggle her in those footy PJ's.