Tuesday, May 17, 2011

34 ain't that bad!

I've been 34 for a couple of days now. 34 feels like 33. 34 even feels like 25. I guess 34 feels like how I feel which isn't bad at all.

I've decided that age is just a number. Take my Mom for instance. For the longest time, every year on her birthday she would tell us that she was celebrating her 21st birthday. I would giggle adding, "Yeah for the 20th time!" or "Yeah for the 30th time!".

My Mom also taught me that you are only as old as you feel. If that is the case, I am easily still in my 20's!

My birthday was filled with cards. . .

A new bike. . .that I bought with the photography money I have been saving.

New running shoes. . .I told my Mom what I was buying with my birthday money and she remarked, "I knew you would buy something practical!" Practical or not, I still get excited! My MIL told me to buy cute shoes. Do these pass?

Red velvet cake. . .We invited friends over for birthday cake. I'm so blessed with such good friends!

Dancing time. . .Since it was my day, I decided that I could make everyone do what I wanted. The kids entertained me with a dance contest. Of course I had to jump in!

It was a great weekend! Ben took me to see the new and not yet released Pirates of the Carribbean at his work and dinner at the Can't Fail Cafe (which is owned by a member of Green Day). Very fun and delicious!

My rose bush even honored me with roses this weekend!

I guess 34 ain't that bad!


Hannah said...

Happy birthday! I actually have my boys singing Happy Birthday to you on a video that I just realized I hadn't sent over. I'll do it right now. :)

Tyler and Lisa said...

What a fun Birthday!!! How fun to get to watch a movie at Ben's work and then go to dinner at a restaurant owned by Green Day band member!

The Pixton Family said...

34? I thought you were turning 24! Seriously, that is a SWEET bike. We need to ride together! Happy Birthday!

Valerie said...

Jen, did you know you are my best friend? Let's ride sometime soon! Give me a chance to condition so I can at least eat your dust!

Lora said...

Valerie, now one would ever think that you are 34! You look fabulous and it sounds like you are feeling that way too! :) Love the bike. I love the running shoes too! I am ALL about practical gifts. It looks like these gifts are going to turn you into a lean, mean tri-athlete machine! If only I had some of those aspirations myself! ;) You are a woman of many many talents!

Lora said...
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Michael Family said...