Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mia's "Sweet Shop" 9th Birthday

Mia has been thinking about her birthday party for about a year now.  She wanted to have lots of candy at her party, which is so surprising because Mia doesn't really like to eat alot of candy.  We came up with the "Sweet Shop" idea and everything came together after that.

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I loved the color scheme that I found for the invitation and decided to use that with my other decorations.  I painted the board and then I cut some vinyl out for the sign and making everything else was a piece of cake!  Ha!  Get it? Ya, so cheesy I know.

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I bought some candy jars from the dollar store and used some small mason jars for the rest and some noodle containers.  I think I could have gone on forever buying candy, there is so much to choose from.

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I made each of the girls matching aprons.  It didn't take me as long as I thought and went pretty quickly.  They each looked so cute!  Then we made some cake balls.  Yes, I let them stir it with their hands. . .probably really gross but don't worry they washed them first.

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Next, we headed to Kara's Cupcakes which are SO GOOD!  I'm not much of a cake person but Kara's cupcakes are so light and not dense and taste like heaven!  They each got to choose their own gourmet cupcake.  It was so hard to choose, they all looked delicious!

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We came back and did some "Sweet Bingo".  The girls each created their boards with the same pieces and could place them anywhere on their boards.  Each time the girl's won, they got to choose something from the "Sweet Shop" and put in their candy bags.  We did five in a row, diagonal, four corners and then finished with a blackout, where everyone won and was able to get a little bit of each of the candies.

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Then my husband helped them make their own small personal pizza.  They were so cute! We squeezed nine candles on the cupcake and sang "Happy Birthday" to our Mia.

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Mia has a talent for being a really good friend.  She has a bunch of friends that she likes to hang out with who are really "good" girls.  Some are members of the church and some are not.  Some of her friends that were at her party were classmates from Kindergarten from a totally different school that she goes to now.  They just make the effort to hang out with Mia and keep in touch with her.  I've had those parents tell me that their daughters love Mia and that "there isn't a friend that is like Mia."

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I will "note to self", that when doing a party that involves lots of candies and sweets, be prepared for hyper and crazy kids!  

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Yeah, they look all so sweet and innocent here, but I've seen what lots of candy can do. . .we spent the rest of the night and the next day detoxing!


Sarah said...

You are seriously party-planner-extraordinaire! I don't want my kids to read these posts because they will realize how lame I am in the party throwing category!

Hannah said...

Holy cow! I second Sarah's comment...don't let my kids know what they're missing!