Friday, September 5, 2008

Announcing. . .

Wii just had twins!

Announcing. . .
Wii Twins
Born on August 29, 2008
at 11:35p.m.
0 pounds, 2ounces
4.5 inches

They are so cute and tiny that I had to blog about them. I found these at Walgreens. They are candy dispensers that look exactly like the Wii remote. They are perfect for Xander who always wants to play and as long as we make his experience seem real, he's a believer!


TheOrderofthePorters said...

what does this mean? do you have 2 wiis or 4 wii remotes?

Valerie said...

2 wii remotes, and 2 tiny pretend wii remotes. The picture doesn't really show the size difference. the little ones are half the size of the real ones. Mia and Xander are happier pretending to play wii using the tiny remotes. They were candy containers.

Dave, Liz, and Jonah said...

Those are some great twins. You come up with the greatest ideas... By the way I love the sewing you have done. It all looks great.