Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hormones, Smormones, Why do we need them?

(Warning Men! This blog is filled with estrogen!)

Some days I hate being a woman and today is one of them. Today I'm depressed. I want to cry, scream, and be mad at the same time. I don't want to pretend that I am happy, because I am not. I don't want to talk to anyone because I feel like I will either explode with emotion or freak out and want to yell.

I'm sure it has to do with hormones, I mean, isn't that always the excuse we women use to make ourselves feel like it is okay to act the way we do. Hey, it works, men believe us and stay away and women everywhere, sympthasize. But what if it's not the hormones, and I'm really crazy?

Well if I'm going crazy, then I'm taking people with me! Okay, that was a little uncalled for, I'm really not that bad. . .

(10 minutes later. . .)

Phew, I'm back. I just downed a gallon of Moose tracks, double chocolate, double delight icecream, topped with a pound of exploding hot fudge and carmel and a giant fluffy cloud of whipped topping surrounded by crushed pecans nestled safely in the corners, and last, but not least,a perfect, sweet, red cherry standing triumphantly on top!

I'm feeling better already.

P.S. If none of this makes sense, that's the point, it doesn't have to because I'm PMS-ing.


Ben Porter said...

*hugs* It'll be ok.

Alisha Stamper said...

oh valerie. i loved this post, i totally get you. try americone dream by ben and jerry's next time. it will rock your world.

Dave, Liz and Jonah said...

that is really funny Val.. I love reading what you have to say.. There are some days you just have to let the pms out. And it was your day today. We still love you though.

Andy Porter said...

That was really quite funny. I love the chocolate binge break. You are hilarious. I can totally relate. I tell Joe about every other day that I think I am going crazy.