Sunday, September 28, 2008

One Proud Mama!

XANDER walks into my room this morning with this creation he made himself. As he walked in the room he declared, "Happy, too, too!" Since Ben's birthday, anytime Xander sees matches or anything that looks like cake, he yells, "Happy, too, too!"

So back to the story. . .the girls and I sing "Happy Birthday" in celebration of his creation and he blows out his candles, as you can see from the picture. (As a side note, yesterday at a birthday party for one of our friend's kids, we are all singing to the birthday boy, and when it is time for the blowing out of the candles, Xander blows it out for the boy!) I love Xander and I love his creativity. He sure makes me ONE PROUD MAMA!


participated in the primary program today. She gave a talk on temples and talked about how she was sealed to her family. She got many compliments on her talk and how they can't believe she is only 9 years old! After her talk, her and a few girls did sign language to "I Love to See the Temple." Watching CJ and seeing how great she did on her talk and with the sign language, made me ONE PROUD MAMA! In this picture, CJ is demonstrating her favorite sign, which means "promise."


is very shy. CJ would tell me after their primary practices for the program that Mia wouldn't say her line. Her line was originally "I know my mom and dad love me because they let me play outside." Today she informed a member of the primary presidency that she wanted to change her line to, "I know my mom and dad love me because my dad let me wear his big shirt to bed." (Last night, Mia wore Ben's giant XL shirt to bed) When Mia got up to give her part, she had her hands formed in a fist by her mouth. She got up to the mic and told the person who was helping with lines that she had changed her line again. She preceded to say her line, but because of her hands by her mouth, we couldn't understand a word of it. I was ONE PROUD MAMA as I watched her do something that very hard for her, yet she had the courage to try.

I am so grateful for each ONE of my children. I enjoy every second, every minute, and every day, I get to watch them learn and grow. I am so PROUD of them and each of their accomplishments. They make my life full and complete and I can't imagine my life without them. I am a better person and a better MAMA because of them!


hanndallfam said...

It looks like it was "post on the blog night" tonight at your house. You have good reason to be proud. Your kids are adorable!

Ben Porter said...

Your Husband must be proud too!

Valerie said...

He is. Just ask him.

Kathy said...

CJ looks like she is doing a hula with graceful hand motions. I miss those kids and their parents. Love you all.

Andy Porter said...

I'm one proud auntie. Your kids are so cute. You do a great job of appreciating their goodness.