Friday, May 15, 2009

My Husband is Better than Yours

Who knew that turning 32 could be fun? I think 32 is the new 23. I had a great birthday yesterday. Ben had gotten a teeny tiny cheesecake and stuck a candle in it and my kids sang "Happy Birthday" to me in the morning (Xander sings, "Happy Day Day").
Cheesecake for breakfast is the best!

Then, my friends took me out to lunch and Adrienne made me brownie cheesecake with maraschino cherries in it.
Cheesecake for lunch is the best!

Now, to the part where the title of this blog comes from. Months ago, Ben's sisters had posted about their birthdays and shared what awesome and creative things their husbands did for them. I admit, as I read them I was a little jealous. One sister's husband took the day off and had the whole day planned with activities like getting a massage,dinner and a movie; the other sister's husband made a song about her and sang and played it on his guitar. Little did I know that the wheels were turning in Ben's head. He told me that is when he started thinking about my birthday.

Ben had arranged for my friend to watch the kids so he could take me out to dinner to a secret place. The fact that he planned and made arrangements for the kids earned bonus points for him. I love surprises and not having to plan it was great!

I couldn't believe how hard it was for me to not do anything. I wanted to know more details so I could help out. How long were we going to be out? Should I make dinner for everyone? Ben insisted that I do nothing and he would take care of everything. He even had to scold me to STOP doing what I was doing so we could get out the door.

He told me he had to stop by the gas station to get gas. I looked at his half full tank as he gave me an explanation as to why he needed more gas. Twenty minutes later we were on the road without anymore gas than we had begun with. The pumps weren't working and Ben had to try more than one pump. Then, as we were making our way to Emeryville where the restaurant was, he was going to try a new way, and then changed his mind and decided to go the way he goes to work.

Fourty minutes later we were down the street looking for this restaurant that his friend had told us about. Ben didn't even know the name of it, but insisted it started with an "M" all the while telling me how Emron always takes his visitors to this place because it is so close to his house and that it has excellent cheesecake.

I'm thinking, "I'm starving. It's past 7:00p.m. and I want food!" Finally, Ben decides to get directions from Emron and stops by his place. He tells me that I should come up too because I haven't seen his apartment.

Emron gives me a little tour of the place, which is gigantic and very clean for a man's apartment. We walk up to the second floor and I hear, "Surprise" and see my kids all running toward me.


Ben had planned a surprise party for me and I had no clue. I was so surprised! He had been planning this for weeks and coordinating with everyone. My friends were in on it and his friends from work all helped Ben plan it out. Ben was so sneaky about everything. He even had his friends buy some of the things so it wouldn't look suspicious when I check our bank account, which I do alot. He is a really good liar.


We played pictionary and had pizza and of course. . .cheescake. Cheesecake for dinner is the best!

Do I really think my husband is better than everyone else's. Yep! I sure do. I'm sure you think yours is better and that's the way it should be.

It was the best birthday! I told Ben this party earned him at least a 5 year break. I think he was relieved.


Andy Porter said...

Wow! Good job Ben!! Way to be sneaky!! I'm glad you had a fun birthday with a surprise!! You are making me crave cheesecake!!

Dave and Liz said...

How sweet of a birthday is that! I think Ben needs to teach Dave how to be sneaky. I am glad you had oen SPECIAL birthday...

hanndallfam said...

That sounds so fun! Way to go, Ben! I'll tell Kendall that he helped inspire this. He'll be glad to be of influence.:) Mmmm...cheesecake does sound good!