Sunday, May 24, 2009


I love having little projects to do especially if they don't cost alot of money. I have been looking for used dressers for Xander and Zoey on craigslist. Last week, I hit the jackpot and got 2 dressers for FREE! A neighbor was getting rid of 2 dressers last week. Since they don't have DI here, lots of people just leave their furniture on the curb with a sign "FREE" on it. I've mentioned my father's motto before, "One man's junk is another man's treasure". Well, I am a firm believer of that and I am not too proud to take someone else's junk, especially if they're offering.

I checked them out and noticed they needed some minor work on them and then told Ben to grab them for me. I wish I would have taken "before" pictures because I think they would have made the finished product look even better.


This one is for Xander since he has been using sterilite containers for drawers for almost 3 years. It matches his "Lighting McQueen" decor in his bedroom.


This one is for Zoey. I wanted to do something different for hers and since she really doesn't have a room to match it with, I really could do it any color. I've been wanting to use Mod Podge and this gave me an excuse to use it. For the record, using it was as fun as I had hoped it would be and Ben even let me use his really nice paintbrush.

I LOVE PAINTING! I forgot how fun it is. I can't wait to have a place of my own someday so I can paint whatever I want and hang up whatever I want. And I would even make more of an effort to match furniture and things. Oh, to dream!

My other project was reupholstering my dining room chairs. Once again, I wish I had a before picture. Just imagine a really gross fabric that is supposed to be green but it's too hard to tell because it's so dirty. We bought the dining room set last year on craigslist. Ben's parents helped us refinish the table last year and I had hoped to reupholster the chairs soon after. Hey, it only took me a year! My mom and dad got me a staple gun for my birthday (which I love) and bought some vinyl fabric for the chairs. The vinyl was hard to work with because of how stiff it was, but it has turned out to be a great thing because when the kids make a mess, like they always do, clean up is so much easier.


Did I mention that I love projects? My next one on my list is to make a blanket for Zoey. I've made one for all of my other kids and began crocheting one for her but have since lost motiviation (as I have with alot of things during this pregnancy,like reading books, which I normally love). I'm going to have a friend help me make a simple one where you crochet around the edges. I've got 5 weeks to complete it, wish me luck!


Sarah said...

Way to go Val! I'm hoping to have some motivation to finish some projects I've had planned soon. I only have the energy to sit and stare right now!

Andy Porter said...

They look awesome! Great job!! I can't believe how much you are doing with 5 weeks left!