Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Zoey's Blanket


Yay! I finished Zoey's blanket in four days thanks to my friend Rebecca for teaching me how to do the edging. This was actually the easiest blanket that I have made. I like to make a blanket for all of my kids. I'm not very good at sewing. Actually, I am rather sloppy because I rush and I don't take the time to read about how it should be done. You can look at my kid's blankets that I have made and see what I am talking about. I tried to do a pin wheel quilt for CJ. I then tried doing an easier one for Mia but didn't know how to do the binding (is that even the right term for the edges?).


Finally, I got a little smarter and started asking people for help. My mother in law helped me make a blanket for Xander. I designed it and wanted to make a huge "X" in it. She taught me how to quilt it and do correct binding. It was my best blanket yet! And then, I asked my friend Rebecca to show me how to do the crocheting around the edges. Very fun!


So I am definitely getting better. This was really fun and I think I will do it again. Now that Zoey's blanket is done, she can come anytime!

Come out little Zoey, I know you want to!



Andy Porter said...

Great job!! It is super cute! I love how big it is too. Are you really due in 11 days?? Wow!! Good luck!!

Maxmomma said...

That is so beautiful!!! I feel guilty I have never made a blanket for my kids, but my friends have made them ones... does that count? How are you feeling? This little Zoey has one great family to come into! I love that name, by the way. It is very popular in Australia.

justamom said...

That looks so beautiful, she is gonna love it! It looks super soft. How much would you charge me to make one for Reagan? Serious, I love that edging.

Adrienne said...

So cute! I really think it will be tomorrow or the next day.

Valerie said...

I'm with you all the way Adrienne!

Kathy said...

Fabulous job Val! That blanket is ADORABLE! It will look so cute wrapped around a darling little Asian baby. I CANT WAIT!