Monday, August 3, 2009



It's amazing how exciting taking pictures can be for me. It's almost like therapy. I guess that's how it can be with anything that you love to do. Out of the blue, Ben will tell me to go take pictures. I think he knows that no matter what mood I am in before I go, that after, I will be happy no matter what.


Out of all of my kids, CJ is the hardest to get on camera. Mostly, because she was in school and when I would try to take candids of her and the kids, she is one of the toughest to keep in one place long enough to take a picture.


Today, when Ben came home from work, I took CJ out all by herself for a special photo session with me. She was so excited to spend time with just me. Most of the time, she is the one that doesn't get the attention because someone littler needs my help.


CJ is growing so up so fast. CJ is a very thoughtful and caring young girl. She is the one who will always remember when it's my birthday or when it is anyone's birthday for that matter.


She is a great helper and loves to be the "mom". Sometimes, I have to tell her to let me be the mom. She watches out for her siblings and especially for their safety. I always tell her that she is going to be a great mom someday.


CJ has said on many occasions that she doesn't like it when people think her name is a boy's name. We've told her that she can decide what she would like to be called. She could be "Cynthea" or "Cindy" or even "Jayde". Maybe, she'll do a Betsy and want to be called "Audra".



Lora said...

CJ--You are absolutely beautiful..and a fantastic daughter and sister! Valerie, you are so talented! I love looking at your photos--I love looking at them over and over again.I am so glad that taking them made you happy, looking at your photos always puts a smile on my face. :) I think you captured her perfectly. We miss you guys! We need to get together soon!!!

Andy Porter said...

CJ is growing up so fast!! She is such a beautiful girl!! Great pics!!

Betsy said...

Or Russell for that matter and literally be known as Aaron for a whole semester.

Maxmomma said...

Wow, Val- you take AMAZING shots. I am seriously impressed. These capture how beautiful and full of personality CJ is. I hope you do not even consider paying for school photos- they are ridiculous compared to these!

hanndallfam said...

What great pictures! She's getting so huge! I wish we saw you guys more often...