Saturday, August 29, 2009

Star Wars Birthday


This year was Xander's first birthday party. He was so excited all week! He could barely stand it as he watched his dad make his pinata throughout the week. Everyday he would ask if he could have the candy from his pinata. See Ben's blog for directions on how to make your very own Darth Vader pinata.


Xander and his friends had fun eating pizza and using the force to destroy Darth Vader. This year I thought I was so smart getting things here and there before Xander's birthday. I found a great deal on craigslist for Star Wars coloring books and Darth Vader masks and I got some cool light saber like swords from Amazon.


It was too windy so I wasn't able to keep the candles lit. That didn't stop Xander from blowing them out. He knows how it's done!


Check out Xander and his fellow Jedi Knights:


Betsy said...

Really cool! You and Ben are fantastic parents.

Andy Porter said...

I dub you the queen of birthdays.

Maxmomma said...

That is beyond cool!!! I am SO impressed by that pinata, I had to immediately send the picture to Glenn. You guys rock!