Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday "Moo"!

Shortly after Mia was born, her Grandma nicknamed her "Moo". I still to this day can't remember where it came from. She did have several outfits with cows on them. . .

Yesterday was Mia's birthday and I was crimping her hair and she said to me, " Yesterday I was four and I was this tall (she bends her knees and crouches down) and today I am five and I am this tall (as she stands on her tippie toes)."

All day she would end her sentence with, ". . .because I'm five." I asked her to put something up high and she says, "Yeah, I can reach up high because I'm five."

We went over my friend Tina's house and we had pizza and cupcakes with the kids. Adrienne and Tina got Mia the perfect gifts. Bags to put things in. She carries them around all day and keeps her important things in them.

I think Cael and Sam won the messiest cupcake eater award.

Later on, I took Mia out on a photo shoot with me. I liked how CJ's turned out and I've been needing some updated photos of everyone. I'm just going to put a few here and more on my photo blog.





Happy Birthday Mia Moo! We love you!


Betsy said...

Happy birthday Mia! By the way, her mouth in that first picture looks exactly like CJ's.

Maxmomma said...

Happy Birthday Mia! I can't believe she is 5!!! How did this happen??? Off to kindergarten!

I love the photos. You are so incredible at those. The one with the daisies is so adorable and gorgeous in color scheme- so nice. Funny Betsy mentioned her looking like CJ- I saw the one taken from above Mia with her looking up at the camera and thought- "Wow, they are definitely sisters!".

Andy Porter said...

Happy B-day big 5 yr old girl! Val I am so jealous of your serious skills when it comes to the camera. I'm also jealous of your yearly Disneyland trips!! That's a great idea to have them save up their money.

hanndallfam said...

Oh!! She is looking SO old!! We need to see you guys more often...I still think of her as a 3 year old. Happy Birthday, Mia! (Oh! And THANKS for the birthday cards you have sent all of us! They make us feel so special! I need to do better with birthdays. You inspire me...)