Friday, August 27, 2010

In Loving Memory of Thirteen

July 3, 2010-August 27, 2010


Thirteen was our black kitten whom we found this morning had passed away during the night. We just got him on Sunday and a few days later noticed that we had not seen him eat or drink. We continued to monitor him and Ben tried different types of food and even last night was feeding him by putting the food into his mouth.

Thirteen had no desire to even try to eat and it was like he had given up on life. We think he was weaned too early. We are sad that he is gone. All the kids cried a little this morning. I think this was the first time they had seen anything die, I guess besides the spiders I kill. They have all taken it well and we talked about death.

We had a little funeral and buried him in our backyard. The kids each took a turn to say something they liked about Thirteen. It was precious.

I felt bad for Friday who lost his brother. When I came home after dropping Mia off at school, I checked on Friday and he was laying in his bed with his head resting on the edge looking so sad. So sad, that I, the non animal lover, loved that little kitten. I gave him loves all day because I felt so sorry for him.

When Thirteen was alive I would often catch him and Friday snuggling together like this;


We will miss you Thirteen!



Lora said...

Oh Valerie! I am so sorry. This post just broke my heart. I hope that the kids are doing a little better today. I just want to pick up little Friday and hold him---so sad that he has lost his brother and playmate; he is probably feeling a little lost in the world right now. There is no better family that will love this little guy more. Again, I am so sorry. You have beautiful pictures to remember Thirteen by.I miss you all. Give the kids a hug for me. Take Care.

Andy Porter said...

Oh, that is way too sad. I think it's pretty neat that the kids all took turns saying something at the funeral.

Sarah said...

I hate that that little Friday lost his brother--it breaks my heart (and I don't ever want a cat). I remember when one of our cats went missing and the other one meowed like he was looking all over for him--Ben who was that?. It's sad.

Betsy said...

So sad! I bet he was just sick--probably from before you got him.

Jared and Kendra said...

That's pretty touching, Val. Makes me reflect a bit on life, even though I'm not a cat-lover either. Maybe it had something to do with the names .... Luke and Layne's birthdays were on this past Friday the Thirteenth, as we were told countless times by the nurses at Primary Children's when she was being admitted. Hmm ......