Sunday, August 29, 2010

In Loving Memory of Friday

July 3, 2010-August 29,2010

This morning, we found that Friday had passed away and joined his brother. We think these kittens must have been sick before we got them. Friday had been eating really well for the past few days and we felt hope and continued to give him lots of love and attention. We had no warning signs that he was near death. We suspected that he may be sick like his brother but didn't expect him passing away so soon.

Friday loved to play outside with the kids and lay in the sun by the patio door. He was very playful and loved to lay on you.


CJ has taken this lost the hardest. She couldn't understand how Friday could have died with all the love she had been giving it. Wouldn't it be great, if all that was needed to sustain life, was love?

Mia drew a picture during church about the cats and heaven. There in heaven is Jesus, a 100 year old person, a girl she doesn't know and Friday and Thirteen. I love that she thought that Friday was an asian cat!

We are going to try to get another kitten (or 2, if Ben has his way) but we are going to be smarter this time. We had gotten these kittens from Pittsburg, and for those who are not familiar with the area, just think of Oakland-it's pretty similiar. I remember after getting the kittens feeling an urge to run to my car, get inside and lock it!

We will probably try to get the kittens from a better area and maybe even a Pet place, although, Ben has already looked into getting one at a shelter and there is so much red tape. You have to bring the whole family in, sign adoption forms and answer questions. Then, they will decide if you are fit enough to be the owner of the kitten. Ben has also said, that lots of places think that the best environment for animals are ones without kids! That's California for you!

We will also get an older kitten. We think these kittens were a little young and maybe weaned too early.

Even though, I am enjoying the bathroom being free of liter and smell, I am hoping that the kids and Ben get another HEALTHY kitten soon. Friday was my favorite of the two. He seemed good natured, fun and playful.

We will miss you and I will miss you, Friday!


Jared and Kendra said...

OH, that's just awful. I'm sorry for the whole family. I did, however, love the drawing ... and the asian cat idea.

Abby Watson said...

Oh goodness. That's really sad! That's normal for fish, but definitely not for kittens. I'd like to write that shelter a letter and tell them they're wrong about the best home being one without kids.

The Pixton Family said...

So sorry for your kids. Losing a pet is always hard.