Thursday, June 7, 2012

Silverwood Talent Show

Earlier this year at a PTA meeting, they announced that they didn't have any one to do the Talent Show this year because the person who did it previously couldn't do it this year.  I volunteered to do it because it is something that I have always enjoyed.  When I taught school, we would have a first grade talent show every year and my class and I would always do a dance number.  I loved watching kids share their talents and can't believe how brave they are to stand up on a stage and perform in front of a huge crowd.  I would not have been so brave at their age.

So, I just waited to hear from the PTA president before I started planning anything.  By the time April came, I hadn't heard anything and thought they had just forgot about me volunteering to help.  It was later in April when one of the PTA members wanted to know what I have been doing for the talent show.  I told her "nothing" because no one ever said anything else to me about it.

I finally started to plan out the talent show from then on.  Last year, a teacher was in charge and she had the kids practice each week for 8 weeks.  She also taught them a dance number that they did as a group.  I thought it was ridiculous to have practice for 8 weeks because they should come already prepared with their act.  So I decided that I would only have 2 practices and it turned out to be perfect.  Crazy, but perfect.

There were 35 kids who participated and I even got a number from a group of special ed kids.  How precious is that?


Mia and her friend Allison did a gymnastic's act.  I chose the music and started to come up with actions to start their routine but left the rest up to them.  It was so cute to watch Mia and Allison make up actions and do their gymnastic moves.  They were so creative and what they came up with was amazing.  I don't think I could have created something like that.


They performed for the school earlier in the day and then again for the parents in the evening.  Mia was on cloud nine as she told me of all the bigger kids from school who gave her so many compliments.  Her confidence level was boosted from this experience.  I thought she would be a little stage shy, but she wasn't.  I think it helped that she did it with a friend.

I didn't teach the kids a dance number but I did have them come back onto the stage after all the performances were done.  I played some music while announcing their names one act at a time.  They came to the center stage and struck a pose.  The kids absolutely loved it and for the evening performance it was a great photo op for the parents.

May turned out to be a super busy and hard month and so adding something more made it very exhausting but somehow I was able to do it.  This was the busiest I have ever felt.  I was literally bouncing from one thing to the next barely even getting a breath.  I don't like being too busy because I can get stressed out and my family is the one who suffers.  So if I am asked to do it again, I will have to look very closely at what is going on during that time.  Family comes first and my kids deserve a non-stressed happy mama!

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